Kern has something working to the east of owens peak north of walker pass. Not hearing a lot of radio traffic.

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It is showing well on both GOES West and GOES East.

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It is the CA-CDD Grapevine incident. Sounds like it is about 200 acres.

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Grapevine Canyon x West of Hwy 395, 18 miles northwest of Ridgecrest
BLM California Desert District
Started last night at 1900
200 acres, grass, 20% contained and forward rate of spread has been stopped.


Walked at 86 acres 55% contained


On scene. Capt. 3634 IC as of this morning. SQF 343,325 ANF 328,336, CNF 340R, 323. CDD 3648 CND 6648. Cobras 2, Scorpions 6.
Members of H554. Capt. 3636. 30 mph winds. Cold. Fire holding in perimeter.
Fire in remote location top of grapevine cyn. JNO the 14/395 split. Expecting precipitation and 50 mph winds expected in the next few hrs .