CA-CZU-BUZZARD (Contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: CZU
Fire name: Buzzard
Location: Buzzard Lagoon Rd / Rider Rd Santa Cruz 37.016545 -121.821504
Reported acres: 1/2 acre per RP
Rate of spread: SROS
Report on Conditions: 1/4 acre, requesting LO to evacuate 100 plus kids in area, (Rave party)
Structure threat:
Resources: E-3536, E-1351,B-1720, E-1581, E-1561, E-1490, R-4151, DZ-1141, WT-3651, WT-3550, GOLF S/T 9124, HIGHROCK 2&5
Weather: temp 42, RH 93, W/S 1.83, with gust up to 8.99
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Units in area trying to make access, vehicle fire into the vegetation 1/4 acre slow to MROS


Now 1 acre, terrain driven SROS


IC request 5 additional type-3 engines, 3-S/T Trainees and 1 additional Golf ST.


Done deal @ 2 acres.


Lot of fires this late in the year for CZU


It’s Indian Summer in the Bay Area.