CA-CZU Rincon??


Any info out there? I’m seeing a lot of smoke North of Skypark in Scotts Valley.


Lockhart Gulch in Scotts Valley… last reported (about 30 mins ago) as 1-2 acres, slow ROS, no structures threatened.


Yes, now I’m seeing reports of #Lockhartfire.




From about 45 minutes ago.


Two seperate fires. Rincon is off Hwy 9 between Santa Cruz and Felton. Started around 10pm last night and is about 8 acres. Tankers have been working for some time but have made their last drops as of now (13:10).

The other fire is the Lockhart. There have also been 3-4 fires on the hiking trails around UCSC this morning. Here is a photo of the Rincon this morning