State ID: CA
3 letter designator: ENF
Fire name: Rubicon
Location: Rubicon drainage on Placer/El Dorado county line in King fire scar, North the Eleven Pines road JWO Ellicott bridge.
38.95320, -120.49084
Reported acres: 2-3
Rate of spread: MROS, spots ahead on lower 1/3 of slope.
Report on Conditions: Forces engaged on both flanks.
Structure threat:
Weather: Light east wind on fire, pushing fire west
Radio channels: Forest net, tones 3/8
Scanner link: El Dorado County Wildfire Operations Live Audio Feed
Webcam link: ALERT Wildfire
Agency Website:

AA en route, rotorwirng 516, 5PT on order. Add 2 Type 1 and 2 Type 3 tankers, plus lead plane if available.
Tanker 88 en route, requesting helicopter from Auburn as well (but only if it’s a bucket).
Add Tanker 102 of MCC to the original order of 4 ATs.
Tanker 40, 131 off Redding and Copter 6WL off Auburn, all ETA 915. Two copters will suffice due to short turns.

Requesting 4 crews, earliest availability.
Placerville crews 1&2 early up and en route.
2 Hotshots crews and 2 IA crews + WT inbound.


Forward progress stopped. Approx 10 acres. Retardant around Right(?) flank, working on the rest, making good progress, will release some air resources after a few more drops (per AA, only mostly copied the traffic; more coffee required)