CA-Imperial County/Niland-???


MVU ECC just sent out 6470A immediate need to Imperial County at Hwy 111 and 4th in Niland. Dispatched as numerous structures already involved.
STL Batt 4, E24, E36, E44, E45, E56


Multiple structures are burning including an Apartment Building. All power to Niland has been cut, fire approaching Transmission lines.


Any update on acerage?


Central Zone (Heartland) ST. 6440C responding 4606,BR23, BR1, BR27,BR17,BR4


I don’t have any personal experience with that area. By the looks of what I can see on satellite, it looks like it’s pretty sparse fuel. With ag breaking it up more. Is that accurate?


Photos via Instagram

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ABC 7 in Los Angeles is reporting that 40 homes were destroyed last night.