State ID: CA
3 letter designator: INF
Fire name: Georges
Location: Whitney Portal Road and Hogback Road
Reported acres: 15
Rate of spread: Rapid
Report on Conditions: Lightning strike fire with rapid growth. AA 15 from Fresno, with 2 tankers, Helicopter 520
Structure threat:
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


BDU Strike Team enroute with BC3512 and BC3515 code 3

This is located in the Alabama Hills west of Lone Pine


Whitney Portal Road is closed at hogback.
AA and tankers are on scene. Going to attempt to keep it in the flats, and keep it from going up the drainage, if they hold it there with retardant, they have a chance of catching it.


Tankers load and return from Porterville, AA ordering 2 more


I believe a lead plane was ordered as well.
There was talk between AA and the tankers, but not sure if one was or not.


Helicopters 1 KA and 525 added


This is an Inyo Incident on Inyo Forest net and NIFC tac 2


Lead 51 is coming on scene.
H520 reporting a spot fire, and there is a wind shift, blowing off the mountain.


AA ordered the VLAT, planning to put a big long line to the east side of the fire in the flats.


100 acres.


Helicopter 525 is still working a fire to the North, and hasn’t arrived at scene yet.
Tanker 911, 105, 162, 10, 82, 79 are all working the incident, Along with Helicopter 520, 1KA and 43T


Just talked to one of the crews on scene… AA stating 200 acres


AA 410 has taken over AA
H525 is now at scene working the fire.


There used to be an Owens Valley Lake webcam that showed this Area, but I can’t find the link anybody have it?


Not showing a whole lot


150 acres now.


Picture from Twitter, Credit toTamara Cohn : It looks like it is getting established in the Hills.



Pyrocumulus visible from buck rock lookout.


BDU sending a second strike team off the Unit
E3552, E3554, E3556, E3559, E3577 - ST9351C


N40Y off Lancaster flew the lindmore fire in TUU, now on George fire, they also checked something in the upper kern river.