CA-INF-Jordan?? (Was Manzanita)


This one is way up the kern River canyon east of hocket peak.

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Helitac 523 is enroute.

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This is now being called the Jordan incident and is in the inyo national forest.


INF Cad shows 300 acres now.


Title should be Jordan not Jordon.

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Is there no continuing information on this incident ?


There has been very little info on this fire. It is looking like the standard Sequoia/Inyo, long term fire use incident in the back country.
They have ordered an additional type 1 helicopter that arrived yesterday.


The inciweb page I linked to above is updated daily, with good write-ups.
Size: 485 acres
Containment: 20%

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Last night IR …noticed the kmz isnt drawing in the intense/scattered heat.!2019_Incidents/CA-INF-000903_Jordan/

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Heard they have 4 IHC crews now assigned and spiked out on the line. The Laguna IHC had a crew member injuried by a piece of falling snag on Thursday, they flew him out to Fresno for treatment.

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Thank you all for your response’s.