CA-KNF-Kidd and Kidder 2


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: KNF
Fire name: Kidd and Kidder 2
Location: N 41.50305 W 123.080, south of Kidder Creek about 5 miles west of Greenview
Reported acres: 50 and 15
Rate of spread: Slow to Moderate
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat: None
Radio channels: KNF River
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

Discovered Thursday, 09/05/19 as 2 small lightning fires. Jumpers were deployed to the fire on 09/06/19, but had to leave that afternoon because of increasing fire activity. Per the scanner, some of their equipment was burned over. Air tankers did a few drops but were diverted back to the Lime fire. Air attack advised that the 2 fires would burn together, potential for 500 - 1000 acres. Burning in the 2017 Salmon August Complex fire scar.


IC requesting 2 tankers to the fire. It seems to be picking up, putting up a lot of smoke compared to 30 minutes ago. Judging from the other posts here on other fires, the afternoon burn period has kicked off.


I believe I have been seeing this for days on the Hayfork alert cam.

Only a portion of it.


That should be the SHF - canyon Creek.

Kidder creek is about 60 air miles nne from hayfork cam…I believe.

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Thanks, I posted the cam on the discussion of that incident.


Starting to heat up looking at camera


Which camera are you looking at? I wasn’t aware there was one that showed this fire.

Edit: The camera link posted above shows the Middle Fire on the SHF, not the Kidder Fire.


80 acres, 0% contained per ONCC News and Notes.


They got an IR flight last night, 127 acres. Here’s the map:


The Kidder fire is now being managed by Team 15 along with the Lime Fire.


Good thing its pretty flat :scream:

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Yep, looks like perfect mobile attack country


Lol yup, pump and roll!

141 acres last night. Looks like they’re getting it wrapped up, not a lot of smoke today. Lows were in the 30’s last night in Scott Valley, and there are clouds sitting over the fire today. Hopefully it will be a done deal before the weekend, when temps return to the 90’s.


Aren’t these fires on wilderness? If so are they still actively engaging it?


Yes, the fire is just barely into the wilderness, and they are actively engaged. With prevailing winds, if left unchecked, the fire would quickly spread into private timberland and eventually homes.


fishcop and in other topics posted show that an aggressive attack is the best result. i know that this fire season started off slow. but i feel that the aggressive IA proved to be effective in keeping fires small and manageable. it is only now when we swing into a heavy fire season that folks start talking about management. That starts early on like spring; after spring it is a whole new ball game. if you live in the western states…it is go after every fire as if it will grow to a large fire…keep it small…too much interface. most of us have seen what happens when the let burn happens. lets go after them and burn in are time…

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burn or let burn

158 acres, 27% contained.


9/12/19 @ 0700: CA-KNF Kidder 2 Fire: 161 acres of timber, 32% contained. Current threats include historical and cultural sites, private timber land and Spotted Owl habitat.