I don’t have much on this incident. Near the Pinewood & Round Mdw community.
Hopefully the road to this area is decent.

AA15 is up over this fire assessing resource needs. Can update his requests later.

It started yesterday with the lighting that passed through. It seems from caltopo that it has grown from yesterdays small start. Estimate currently in the 10’s of acres. Colony Peak is the major feature at 6000’, thus the name. 11:15 9/10 was the first resource assigned. Chimney Rock is on the Wildcad descriptive location. I don’t see that feature.,-118.81542&z=13&b=t&o=f16a%2Cr&n=1,0.25&a=mba%2Csma%2Cfire%2Cmodis_mp%2Cwxd_wspd-01

Scroll down, south and there is another start near Buckeye Flat Campground.
Paradise incident.,-118.76839&z=14&b=t&o=f16a%2Cr&n=1,0.25&a=mba%2Csma%2Cfire%2Cmodis_mp%2Cwxd_wspd-01


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