Grass fire off the 65 south of the 155. Plenty of cameras have eyes on it.

AA410, T-73, T-80, T-90, T-100, H407, C611, Intel 24

AA410 - 5-10 moderate rate. Potential structure threat if conditions worsen.


AA requesting two additional tankers any type


Evacuation warning for KRN-329

IC requesting 5 more closest wildland engines.

Intel 24 updated acreage to 332 acres.


5/10/2024 VEGETATION FIRE #SherwoodFire North of Sherwood Ave & Famoso Woody Rd - North of Bakersfield, Kern County. Watch Duty [WATCHDUTY]

5:58pm According to napsg the #SherwoodFire is 80% contained.

1:13pm The fire is at 373 acres and is 20% contained. Air Attack, all 4 tankers and both copters have now been released from the incident.

12:07PM The fire has been mapped at 332.2 acres by FIRIS Intel 24. 2 of the 4 tankers have since been placed on a hold by Air Attack.

11:08am An Evacuation Warning has been issued for ZONE KRN-329 per incident Command. NORTH OF - Famoso Road, Famoso-Woody Road. SOUTH OF - Garces Highway. EAST OF - Porterville Highway. WEST OF - Bakersfield-Glennville Road. Fire is now approx 45-50 acres and 5 additional wildland engines have been requested. View a map of the area under the Evacuation:

10:55AM 2 additional tankers have been requested, any type.

10:45AM Fire is approx 10 to 15 acres with a Moderate rate of spread and moving in a N/E direction. Multiple structures out in front but not immediately threatened. - Per Air Attack. This will be known as the Sherwood Fire.

10:20AM Reported vegetation fire with a large column of smoke visible on the cameras. Resources enroute.


SCANNER: Bakersfield Police, Fire and EMS Bakersfield Police, Fire and EMS Live Audio Feed


Evacuation Warnings:
Level 2 - Set KRN-329
NORTH OF - Famoso Road, Famoso-Woody Road
SOUTH OF - Garces Highway
EAST OF - Porterville Highway
WEST OF - Bakersfield-Glennville Road