Vehicle fire into vegetation. Initial size up 10 ac MROS, 10min later 30-40 acres, KRN Medium task force (3 type 3’s, 2 type 6’s). Structure group being established.


Div B advised IC that there will be a structure threat in 20min. Initiating evacuation of Digier Rd


For reference, this is Southbound I-5. Just North of Lebec. Lots of grass and steep terrain.


Choose Fresno, and I-5 truck escape ramp


50 acres, making good progress but still open line.


9352G and 9352C enroute from BDU


Any cams cover that area ?

Fresno: Camera: KER-5-Truck Escape Median


Thank you :+1:


Crews will be mopping up tonight and tomorrow for day shift.