State ID: CA
3 letter designator: LAC
Fire name: Charlie
Location: Charlie Canyon Rd in Castaic
Reported acres: 10 plus
Rate of spread: Moderate
Report on Conditions: 10 acres in light to medium fuel LAC E-149 first on scene.
Structure threat: not currently
Resources: LAC second alarm, Air Tankers, and Quebec 1 and 2, ANF with a Strike Team as well.
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:




IC reporting aggressive fire behavior at the head. ANF sending units to assist as well.


ANF reporting the Fire is 100 plus acres.


100+ acres
Unified command LAC and ANF
LAC will be the ordering point


The Fire has spotted across Charlie Canyon Rd.


AA12, 2 super scoopers, 2 tankers, and 6 helicopters working the fire.
The Fire looks to making a good up canyon push into heavier fuel.



The Fire is now 200-300 acres per ANF and moving up canyon into heavier fuel.


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Live FB video near the fire over a ridge or too.


Requesting 4 additional tankers to include 1 VLAT



From Dodger Stadium


Nice little Cap:



Update from LAC; Chief 3 (AC3) is now in command. Fire is estimated at 300+ acres with 0% containment. Fire is also pushing North towards Dry Gulch. Extreme and erratic fire behavior.


Per AA, going direct with retardant is not working. AA is going to start building indirect line a few ridges over on right flank and is bumping up the retardant to coverage level 6.


RRU - 9310C just dispatched


Per AA approximately 1,200 acres


AA just updated closer to 3,000 acres