CA-LAC-San Dimas???

2nd alarm N. San Dimas Cyn Rd / E. Golden Hills Rd. 60 Acres running uphill.

Sunset Peak
Johnstone Peak

ANF in unified command with LAC

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freq? feed?

Now 100 acres.

ABC7 has live footage.

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This should probably be IA thread - or Q&D.

A mix of land ownership: SRA, FRA, LRA (LA County Fire, ANF, State DPA)

Slow rate of spread, 70 degrees, 33% RH, wind W @ 5, Threat to critical communication infrastructure

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LAC Tac is V5 152.78, got that from an LAC radio Tech.

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Any info on size or containment?

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ANF reporting 70 acres 20% contained.

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Webcams are only showing drift smoke. Mopup mode?

Forward progress stopped.


just requested 2 - S2’s. did not copy why???


Looks like some increased activity on the eastern flank looking at the cams, saw an S-2 drop some mud just now. Probably catch it on the time lapse.

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Smoke is visible from Foothill communities still. Appears Fire has crossed containment lines on the north side of the incident.


132 acres and 45% contained.