Not much information on it, off Pittville Road in the Fall River Mills area, 85 acres.


Fall River Mills is Shasta County (SHU) if I’m not mistaken?


SHF sent a couple resources to assist LNF. Possibly an LNF incident.

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It was originally an LNF- but looks to be a CAL FIRE LMU incident. Fall River Mills is where the county line is between SHU and LMU.
The info I got was from the CAL FIRE twitter page.

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Copy. I don’t know that area real well


Name changes to the 32 willows fire
2130 update:

#32willows fire(Previously #H1Fire) at Pittville Rd and Sheep Flat Rd, 9 miles southeast of Fall River Mills in Lassen County is now 106 acres.

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Just to Clarify it’s the 3-2… Meaning LMU is in an LCA.

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Not nessearly. The 3-X fire could simply mean the Unit In is a LX plan. Where every fire will be given a 3-X. The LCA would be activated when there are more fires than the unit ECC can handle.

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In LMU the first number is the Battalion and the second is the #of the fire- so 3-1 would be Batt 3 first fire and so on.
Many of the units that get a lot of lightning, the LCA is their lightning plan. At times if a fire becomes large enough within the LCA it is named but it still may remain within the LCA.