State ID: CA
3 letter designator: LNF
Fire name: Stump
Location: Doe Mtn, hwy36 at Hwy 172. (Google) (Sec26 on CalTopo)
Reported acres: 65
Rate of spread: MROS
Report on Conditions: fuel and terrain driven, ran up to the top of Doe, spotted over a bit on to the eastern aspect of Doe Mtn towards Childs Meadows
Structure threat: none
Resources: LNF full wildland, with TGU assist

Weather: PGE Childs Meadows right at head of fire - 81F RH18% SW7G14
Radio channels:
Scanner link: is in LNF Incident Mode (puts some LNF channels on priority)
Webcam link: Dyer Mtn and Butt Lake
Agency Website: LNF FB page

See the Q/A thread for the run up to this IA thread…


1810: IC putting it about 100 acres now. Continues to burn down hill eastern aspect of Doe Mtn towards Childs Meadows.


Alpha division is pulling all resources off being too dangerous rocks falling and tankers dropped on the trees right on top of a LPF engine crew no injuries just a very very close call
Lots of debris came out of the treetops right on top of the firefighters
Div Zulu pulling out also


2005: Ops talking with AA, they’re calling it 200 acres for the evening. All resources pulled off the direct line, going in direct with the road system and dozer improvements, due to the steep terrain, rock rollout and heavy dead snags on the direct line.

The scancal live scanner is in LNF incident mode tonight. I’ll have tomorrow’s extended AA and A/G in the scanner, however I’ll be out of cell service for the next few days (yes, I know where to find no cell service still), so will likely put TGU/SHU local priority back on tomorrow morning as well. We’ll see how things go in the morning.


Anyone have information on resource orders for tomorrow?


Showing the column trying to get through the inversion.


Humidity at 6000’ = 24%
Humidity in Child’s Meadow = 66%


Rough Division Breaks for today. GOES IR showed plenty of heat throughout the evening. One of the Tuscan Buttes cams has a great western vantage of the column and how it’s behaving with the inversion, not as impacted by drift smoke like Butt and Dyer.

The Scancal live scanner is focused on LNF for priority, with today’s extended AirFM, A/G, A/G CMD, and rotor vic. I’ll be off the grid and below radar coverage late morning till late Tue so radio will stay this way.


Clear air, but a little more distant view.


Butt Lake cam showing her wide awake and moving out this morning…
Edit: 1 or 3 hour loop shows the run it made


Hopefully that’s the burn op that they had planned.


My guess would be a firing operation to take advantage of the Diurnal wind pattern.

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Firing was last night, they are holding the perimeter and allowing it to consume the fuel.


By the looks from the camera view fire intensity is down quite a bit.