Engines being punched out to area of Walker Ridge Road, Lake County…


Large glow showing on cameras


Any more updates on this fire?

CA-LNU Eagle

Nothing showing on the cameras now. Was showing a glow on the Eagles Nest camera at 5am.


100 Acres As of 1 hour ago


Looks like its starting to heat up alittle on the cams


That camera is showing the ranch fire.


Yes it is. The Sutter Butte camera should be pointed in the direction of the Eagle and is currently very hazy.

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Was this area burned in any of the recent fires the past few years, or is the only part north of hwy 20 that didn’t burn?


Yes, and yes

2018 Pawnee to the north and south

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Do you have a link to that fire history map?


It’s actually a premium map overlay option in a hiking app that I use. Just discovered that feature recently. The app is called AllTrails

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#13 produces a similar map with modis/viirs and fire history. Not sure of app but killer desktop web interface.


This is the Eagle thread by Indian Valley Res in LNU


Very little is the way of smoke showing on the Buckingham camera, which is point right at the Eagle. Also clearly shows existing dozer lines and burn scars right next to where it was burning.

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