State ID:CA
3 letter designator:LNU
Fire name:GOLF
Location:of soda bay rd
Reported acres:3-4
Rate of spread:mod
Report on Conditions:moving up hill base of MT. Konocti
Structure threat:not currently but structures ahead of fire
Radio channels:LNU EAST
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


AA-110 has ordered 2 additional Tankers for a total of 4. Fire is getting into Timber.

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Showing on the Geyser Peak Cam; Unfortunately the Mt. Konocti Cam is offline.


This fire has a ton of potential. Hopefully they catch it before it runs up Mt. Konocti.


IC stating the fire is now 10 plus acres. Ordering 10 additional Engines, 4 Dozers, 4 Crews, and 2 Overhead. 20 structures threatened within the hour.


AA ordered an additional type 1 helicopter, and evacuation advisory was just issued.


AA wanted 2 Type 1 Tankers but was advised they were from So Cal. He then asked for 2 more S-2’s for a total of 6. AA also asking for an ASM.


Second start near Riviera, IC wants a separate wildland response.

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Scanner link


Riviera West fire is currently 1 acre, rapid rate of spread, structures threatened.
This is going to be a Branch of the Golf Fire.

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IC reports the community of Riviera West is now under an evacuation order & electricity has been cutoff to this area per PG&E.


Konocti Lookout cam is now operational:


Konocti camera is back on line


AA ordered an additional copter with crew.
Going to be Copter 205 from Vina.

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Crew, Engine strike team, single resource dozer, Copter 205 coming in from TGU.

Big Valley RAWS just west of incident, has 10min resolution, 80F RH34, WSW8G17

Konocti RAWS is south and east on other side of Konocti, 1 hr resolution, gives an idea of what WX is doing coming around Mt Konocti.

Old Hwy 53 RAWS (north Clearlake community) - 10min resolution, due east of incident and more idea of WX influence on east side of Konocti.

SHU breaking a fire as well may compete with aircraft from the north. (edit: SHU aircraft cancelled)


Golf Fire : 7-8 acres, 15-20 structures threatened
Riviera west fire: 1.5 acres slowed rate of spread.

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IC ordered 3 additional water tenders.