1300 Weather-
temp= 91f
RH= 6%
wind= 10-15 N/NW


1330 Tactical Pause called by IC across the incident


What generated the Tactical Pause?


COMS did not give a reason. Im sure the weather update was a factor.


Multiple dehydration medicals over the course of the last couple days on crews punching in line


Sounds like a Slop over the line possibly D-Alpha. 100+ with spotting ahead (Benmore Canyon)

Scratchy traffic with new LNU-County fire


New start is in Division Papa.


Slopover at Foxtrot/Papa. Evacuations ordered for downwind communities.


Slopover is smaller column. Bigger column in the back of the photo is the new fire in LNU


Ordering 2 VLATs


Posted about 4:45
Mandatory evacuation ordered due to Pawnee Fire Flare Up for Double Eagle Subdivision area.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has ordered a MANDATORY EVACUATION for the Double Eagle Subdivision area due to a flare up in the Pawnee Fire. This notice affects all residents and businesses inareas near the Double Eagle Subdivision. An evacuation center is being set up at the Lower Lake High School. More information will follow as it is received. Per the CHP - Hwy. 20 closed from Hwy. 53 to Hwy. 16.


Anybody have a updated map or QR code for today’s IAP?



OES 6808C demobed from Pawnee to the County fire.


Anybody have today’s IAP?



Possible new start or slop on the east side of Pawnee


Heard report of now 40 acres with possible 100 – calling it Spring Fire