Here is a Google + GIS map for the Pawnee fire. If I should post this kind of info in ‘discussions’ instead of here, please let me know.

When the map opens it shows:

  1. KMZ file produced by the analyst that reviewed last night’s infrared data. The data in that file shows the perimeter and areas of intense, scattered and isolated heat. The analyst determined 12,781 acres have been burned.

  2. Hotspots detected by VIIRS in last 24 hours. Orange squares.

  3. Hotspots detected by MODIS in last 24 hours. Red triangle.

For the legend please click “Map tips”. That link is in the upper left corner.

The map can also display various other GIS overlay layers along with any attribute data on the GIS server.

If you have questions about the map please post in the ‘discussion’ subforum. Many questions are answered in the “Map tips”.

Map link:,-122.556471&z=12&t=h,VIIRS_24hrs_from_FIRMS,MODIS_24hr_from_FIRMS&markers=file=


CalFire official numbers are 11,500 acres this morning.


XSJ4176C being reassigned off the Lane Incident this morning


Updated Ops Map from todays briefing


NOTAM for the Pawnee fire:

Issue Date : June 25, 2018 at 0345 UTC
Location : 10 NM E CLEARLAKE OAKS, California near MENDOCINO VORTAC (ENI)
Beginning Date and Time : June 25, 2018 at 0300 UTC
Ending Date and Time : August 24, 2018 at 1300 UTC
Type : Hazards
Airspace Definition:
Center: On the MENDOCINO VORTAC (ENI) 072 degree radial at 31.7 nautical miles. (Latitude: 39º05’52"N, Longitude: 122º36’44"W)
Radius: 7 nautical miles
Altitude: From the surface up to and including 8000 feet MSL

KMZ link


Any chance you also have the IAP?



Thanks, I knew the report of “7 dozers” couldn’t be right…42 privates makes a whole lot more sense listening to the chatter this afternoon!


NOTAM? Not familiar with acronym.


NOTAM: “Notice to Airmen”, FAA related


Does this go along with the TFR?


yes, a NOTAM can be a TFR


It’s a Notice to Airman about the Temporary Flight Restriction.


Thanks I appreciate the response


According to the heat signatures, it looks like it’s made a strong run up the east canyon and slopped over Walker Ridge. Can anyone confirm based off of radio traffic?


It is based on the IR FLIGHT last night.


A large firing operation is taking place between Div P and Div F to bring the black edge down to the creek and sounds like plans to fire Walkers Ridge tonight


13,000 acres & 17% contained per Calfire website.


Sounds like they want to hold resources through weekend for forecasted red flag


Wind gusts are up to around 20 mph…