Command 13


Currently 3 pending T3 ST’s in the system, and it looks like they have 10 fixed wing, all types, on station


Hard to say…it seems we are approaching that coverage level that’s looking pretty thin for the No Ops, and not sure the last time the MACS threat level was updated, but No Ops is in MACS level 3…

called to reflect a serious situation or the potential for a serious situation. A serious situation could be a high potential incident which involves the use of Multi-Agency resources. Generally, a mode 3 condition would prevail when one to three such incidents were occurring simultaneously . A mode 3 could also be called if the potential for an emergency situation would warrant. For example, severe weather conditions or a tsunami warning could be sufficient to initiate a mode 3. Another condition which could warrant a mode 3 would be a major commitment of fire suppression resources to out-of-region incidents


Is it possible to pull more initial attack engines into the incident? that would at least give them an operational period or 2 to figure out where they can get immediate need or planned need resources

Tap bordering counties for those initial attack resources?


Several adjacent op areas provided resources as well, I know XSN sent an Alpha and Charlie.


I know one of TGU’s strike teams were released and sent back to their home unit from the North Fire today. Wondering if they’ll be sent out tonight or tomorrow.


Both Yolo and Solano tapped


Unfortunately, the LNU is just outside the XSA IA area, so it will have to churn its way through the machine to get to us, and even then were pretty thin ourselves

XSA IA Map.pdf (613.1 KB)


400 acres 10% contained


8 minutes ago

#SnellFire [update] at Butts Canyon Rd and Snell Valley Rd, 7 miles SE of Middletown (Napa County) is now 400 acres and 10% contained.


Baldy thanks for the IA map. Does this allow the ordering point to go direct to Sac Regional with requests if it falls into the IA area?


Yep…one phone call, and were on the road. Outside of the IA, it has to get processed through region (GVCC) and work its way down


1,700 acres and 10 % Contained. 60 engines currently assigned and 180 structures threatened.


Little jump not sure why percent did not go down


Cause they must got that heel tied in tight…


Actually, each Region and Op Area can go to to a adjoining Op Area or Region one time for 5 single resources or up to 5 strike teams, One Time Only. And only to one Region or Op area, regardless if they touch multiple Op Areas or Regions. Its intent is to get closest resources on the road, and not have the request bogged down at a OES Region dispatch center.


Santa Barbara County 9322C enroute as of 1900hrs


9351C enroute from BDU


KCRA reporting 1700 acres


Region 2 just got the orders in for Type 3, Type 6 and Type I strike teams. Alameda County has a Type 3 strike going out XAL 2010C. Region 2 will be sending out 4 Alpha OES strike teams and looking to fill a few Foxtrots. The other Charlies may get sent out to another region.