State ID:CA
3 letter designator:LNU
Fire name:Snell
Location: Butts Canyon
Reported acres: 5
Rate of spread:MROS to Dangerous RROS
Report on Conditions: 5 Acres
Structure threat: Yes
Resources: B1406, AA110, C104, 2 S2T, 7 CAL FIRE engines, 2 dozers, 2 crews
Radio channels:LNU east VFIRE 23
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

AA110 at scene requesting 2 Type 1 air tankers and a lead plane. Potential for 500 acres in grass and oak woodland. B1406 requesting 10 additional engines, 4 additional dozers, 4 additional water tenders and 4 additional crews.


Poor access. 10 acres. Staging Butts Canyon and Snell Valley Rd.


Per IC: 35 acres, 3/4 mile from nearby subdivision.


Second. V lat on order




IC reporting 200 acres requesting 10 T-3 engines and 10 T-1 engines for structure protection.


IC requesting PIO and 2 Chief Officers.


Some mandatory evacuations in process


Radio traffic here

20 additional any type engines for structure defense


There is a well established spot well outside the line which has prompted AA to re-engage all aircraft that were on a load and hold at MCC and Sonoma.

The 20 additional engines are being ordered for structure defense in the Lake Berryessa Estates area.

Snell Valley Rd is a very tricky location as there no secondary escape route. Once committed into the Lake Berryessa Estates, escape routes become very problematic, if this goes completely sideways.


400 Ac with potential for 5000Ac pushing away from Lake Berryessa has crossed shady creek


Not trying to be argumentative but it is across Putah Creek, not Shady Creek. :slight_smile:


Thanks good intel


North Bay IMT (Type 3) activated.


North side of Snell Valley Rd. East of Butts Canyon Rd. Across Putah Creek moving eastward out into the inhabited area on the North end of the Lake. At some point, would hit the County Fire western perimeter. That’s probably where they are getting the 5,000 potential estimate from.


Great Info thanks!


Mandatory evacuations now west of Berryessa Knoxville Rd from the Pope Creek bridge north.



4 engines single resources from Colusa county


Anybody know what command if any this fire is being run on?