Starting a q and a to use the IA thread for it’s intended use.


Is XSC in that order??


Happen to see if XCC answered up for any of those?


4ea T3 ST and 3ea T1 ST are pending on the request


Are any of those from region 6? XSD?


unknown. The list just says “pending” …so those request are in the system making their way through it until someone claims them


It is always interesting how these things work out. There are no ST out of Marin county, presumably 1-2 hours away from the area. Not complaining because there is a machine at work behind the scenes as we all know.


Hi Chief,
Can you give me a quick “map” of how the resource ordering works? What are the steps from when a request is made at an incident, all the way to when a specific ST is dispatched? Thank you,

New captain in Region 1.


Marin Co Fire I think is not in the OES Region 2 ordering system since it is a contract County. Other cities and districts probably are and if they had resources listed as available, Region 2 would had hit them up. Check with your op area.


Oh boy, that’s a tall order…but I’ll try to give you the basic process, remember this is a general overview, and there many factors (mutual aid agreements, local, state, fed process, etc), that can change how the order ultimately ends up being filled…I’ll use Sac Fire as a sample.

SFD is dispatched on a veg fire. If we can handle it within our agency, then it stops there.

If the size of the incident is beyond our resource capabilities, then we call for help from within our county or Operational Area, (Metro, Folsom, Consumes)

If the fire continues to grow, then we call our neighboring OA’s from within OES Region for assistance, and then they push it back down to their local FD’s to see if they can provide help. (Placer Co, El Dorado Co, San Joaquin Co. Yolo Co. and Amador Co)

After our neighboring OA’s max out, then the orders goes up to the Region to be shopped around the remaining OA’s within the Region (Nevada Co, Tahoe Basin, Alpine Co, Tuolumne Co, Calavaeras and Stanislaus Co

Once we draw down our Region, then the remaining orders get pushed up to OES HQ and they push it down to other regions, who push it down to OA’s who push is down to the locals.

At any point during the process some one can “claim” and order, meaning they will fill that request.

There are of course flaws in the system as much as we would like to get the closet resource, it doesn’t always happen, because of the way the system is designed. This usually happens when and order is still being shopped within that region, even though they the next region is physically closer. A common example for us are those fires in Mairposa Co. Because that Co is in Region 5, they will exhaust R5 before is gets shopped around, even though we are two hr away…

Think of a request as throwing a rock in a pond, and as those rings expand out the order is going through the mutual aid system, and the further away the ring gets from the center, the further away the order is traveling through the system.

Here is the annual strike team refresher slide show, and the first few slides depict the process…but it is confusing…the feds and OES have separate but parallel systems, that they refer to the “double yellow line” and they will cross over in certain situations…

2018_STEN_Refresher v2.pdf (838.2 KB)

Too complex to fit in one simple post, but I hope that helps a bit…


Thanks for the response, Chief.

Sounds like a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. I’ve taken the STEN class but not a lot of time was spent on ordering of resources.

I appreciate the time you took on this!

Stay safe.


Marin County is in Region 2. Being a contract county does not change its affiliation in the OES world. CC is just a small part of their mission. And you already have a T3 ST out on the fire.


Are there still outstanding type 1 orders?


Looks like all of the T1’s have been filled. Still 2ea T3 and 2ea T6 still pending


3 hours ago

#SnellFire [update] at Butts Canyon Rd and Snell Valley Rd, southeast of Middletown (Napa County) is now 1,900 acres and 10% contained


Sounds like a request for 1 Type 3 s/t and 1 Type 6 s/t is being filled by XCA as we speak.


Any talk of a Team Deployment?


They have North Bay


I think it will be based on logs support


Does anybody have a acreage containment update, holding at 2400?