CA-LNU-Spring (Contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: LNU
Fire name: Spring
Location: Pawnee Trail and New Long Valley Rd.
Reported acres: 25
Rate of spread: MROS
Report on Conditions: 25 acres in oak and brush with a building column.
Structure threat: Unknown
Resources: Helco and Copters off the County Fire, 2nd Alarm vegetation response.
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40 acres now, AA thinks he can hold under 100


Sounds like this fire will run into the fresh Pawnee scar, AA thinks they will hold under 100 acres. There is one spot fire that Copters are working.


On BLM Land, Threat to the Mendocino NF.
Potential for 100 acres


Going to have 11+ helicopters on it here in a minuteā€¦


The right flank is burning into the Pawnee scar, the left flank is active and burning into green fuel. There are 8 Copters working the fire, at this time no threat to Spring Valley.


IC stated this will be extended attack. Currently 60 acres with a portion on the MNF.


IC states 65 acres and 25% contained.


Strike Team XBO6220C reassigned from the County Fire to the Spring Fire


80 acres / 100% contained - 13/July