CA-MCP-Oak( Contained)


New fire on Camp Pendleton. Roblar and Las Pulges…range 409.

MVU is sending a ST of T3’s, 2 dozers, 2 crews and Copter 12.

Fire is visible on Red Mtn Cam

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CNF -E328, and Copter 538 on scene as well.


Looks to have an east wind on it now and getting more active. Wagging 10-20 acres from looking at the cam

Fire is on XCD CMD 11


From Carlsbad


20 acres, jumped Roblar road and into the MTZ with a potential of 200

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50 acres per AA.


Oak Air Attack requested closest Type 1 Air Tanker.


AA stating 60 acres with 5% contained. Actively doing a burn operation. Tankers trying to line the east side of the fire


IC requesting immediate need T3 ST. It will be filled by CNF engines

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ST6631C BC23, E322, 323, 324, 329, 331


Any word on containment as of today?


35% Contained, and 135 acres as of this morning.

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The blue cross is where the approximate fire origin of the CA-MCP Oak Fire 003277.

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Any recent updates for this Oak Fire?


Fire is holding within fire foot print. 4 type 3 engines on it all night. Not even a smoke found all night.


100% Contained as of 10/25/2019