Large column on multiple web cams looks near hopland ca?


Seeing few cal fire rigs headed that way heard off of goat rock north of hopland

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Just saw Chico T93 launched which caught my attention. Looks like the 5th S-2 on the fire, in the area of here.


Here are the Cams, showing up on multiple Cams.

Being called the Moose Fire in Mendocino County. Lakeside Dr N/W of Hopland.


AA is reporting 75 acres with short range spotting. MROS

Near Hopland on Moose Road near McNab Ranch. Structures reportedly threatened and evacuations underway.


AA reporting about 100-110 acres. I think there are 5 Tankers and 2 copters.


IC advising potential for 500 acres and the fire is running to the East. Currently using reverse 911 calls for Evacs. The fire is very inaccessible. IC has ordered various Overhead for Divisions and Staging. The only boots on the ground are 1 Heli-Tac Crew. Tankers: T85 T86 T90 T91 T93 T41. Staging will be McNab and Hwy 101.




Has IC ordered any more engines? Or any S/T’s?


Approximate location as well as some CHP road closures on this map:


Any further updates on this. Seems like it fizzled out due to the lack of posts and updates


Standard for fires in the west side of lnu/meu run for awhile in the afternoon evening and then cool down to nothing at night, and I believe AA said they had retardant around 95% of it before cutoff yesterday