State ID: CA
3 letter designator: MEU
Fire name: Moose
Location: Moose Road near McNab Ranch S/W of Hopland CA in MEU.
Reported acres: 100
Rate of spread: Moderate
Report on Conditions: 100 acres in Grass, Oak, Woodland with short range spotting
Structure threat: Yes, Evacs in progress via reverse 911
Resources: 6 Tankers and 2 Copters plus full wildland response.
Hazards: Unknown
Weather: 88 degrees, 27% RH, Wind 9 MPH
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


AA advised the left flank is looking good. He may have to use retardant indirect on the right flank.

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Asking for 3 local government water tenders brooktrails Fire,Laytonville Fire and Potter Valley


AA-110 reporting fire is 150-200 acres.


NEU just punched out a strike team


AA reporting they have retardant around 95% of the fire & the fire is still holding within those lines. 1 acre spot fire out in front has been stopped w/ copters. Tankers on their last drops for the night.


225 acres with 25% as of this am


PER North Ops as of 1800 today: CA-MEU Moose Fire : 225 acres grass and oak woodland, 65% contained.