CA-MMU-Briceburg (Contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: MMU
Fire name: BRICEBERG
Location: Highway 140 at the Briceberg bridge, east of Midpines
Reported acres: 200 +
Rate of spread: moderate
Report on Conditions: Main fire and spot fire in Merced River drainage. Spot fire inaccessible, high probability of growth
Structure threat: yes
Radio channels: CDF Command 1, Vfire 24, Vfire 25, Vfire 26, CDF Tac 18 A/G
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


It’s poking through the inversion pretty good. AA just ordered three additional Type III tankers and a wider TFR.


I believe it will be a total of 4 S2 tankers and the heavy out of Fresno.


Add another type 1 T134 out of Mather. Total of two type 1 tankers.

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Webcam on Edith and Mt.Bullion shows wide base and building column

RAWS at Jerseydale station, 82 degrees, avg 2-4 mph winds, fuel stick 6, humidity 15,

Trying to find the AirTactics frequency?

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Air Tactics should be 172.250

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We had the Motor Fire up canyon from this a ways, but the telegraph fire area should be close and accessible, two years ago we hiked the access/dozer lines. That should help. Wind isn’t bad in the area yet, may get squirrely soon though. Stay frosty.


Got the air traffic,

One VLAT requested from Mather. “Due to the extent of work needed”

Cloud cover has dropped temps and the column is getting hazy.


Tanker 76 added to the mix as well.

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Current Tankers assigned…1 VLAT plus T-134 T-105 T-80 T-82 T-83 T-76 and T-79 on the fire.

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Looks like the wind is ahold of it now. They were hoping the dozers would tie in before this began. Prior to these winds, there was still over 2 miles of open dozer line.


AA is requesting the availability of an additional 2 type 1 tankers.


AA is ordering the 2 additional Type 1 tankers, coming from Fox and San Bernardino.


Tanker work is indirect along the dozer lines as reinforcement.

911 load and return.

AA states the two columns are from the main fire and a spot fire. Explains the two heads in the webcams.


500 acres per Cal Fire

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Additional order for 2 type 1 and 2 type 2 copters, closest if available.

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Conversation from AA during the day was to re-enforce the indirect dozer line but it spotted over and the tankers changed to taking the heat out of the head as it run uphill all day. Lots of retardant was laid down.

Seemed confident to catch the spots.

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All aircraft released for the night.


Firing operations going on in division w and y Eastside of the fire.

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Air operations beginning,
3 copters in air, enroute.
Lead C2 sent ahead of tankers.
I believe they said 6 air tankers departing now, from various bases.