AA51 enroute.


It’s showing well from the Owens mountain camera just northeast of me.


in ROSS for the AM - 2 S/T type 3s, 4 S/T dozers, 6 S/T of crews, various water tenders, overhead, etc. I’m sure that list will grow…

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Dry air mass is coming


So this is an SRA Fire?

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Based on visual observation
( armchair quarterback)… The main fire laid down…aka parked… The “spot” is off on walk-about…that began around 2042 hrs.

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Yes, state DPA


Sierra has been contacted about possibly going unified command tomorrow if they don’t catch it.

Areas most recent fire history.


Plenty of dozer line’s they can open back up if necessary.


Per AA51 134 acres.


AA51 released as of 2315L. Requested back on station at 0430L.


SLU is sending ST 9347L


At 0510L AA51 advising 259 acres total. IC advising high probability of growth.


On order or enroute this morning: 6 S/T charlies, 9 S/T golfs, 2 IHC’s, 3 S/T limas, 1 AA, 2 AT, various overhead


I/A thread started.

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9310C. Enroute from RRU

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Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. (SBC) 9322 Charlie is on scene and SBC crew 1-2 dispatched this morning .

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Looking at the cameras (Edith Hill and Bullion) it broke through the inversion…


With the weather coming in, getting windy, the inversion layer took awhile to break, hopefully that helped them. I have family in CalFire en route. That’s the same area we worked the Motor Fire and Telegraph Fire. Should be plenty to work with.


That right hand column should be bumping on a fuel break made several years ago. There are two homes up on that ridge.

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