CA-MMU-OAK (contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: MMU
Fire name: OAK
Location: Lonesome Oak
Reported acres: 150
Rate of spread: Moderate
Report on Conditions:150 acres, MROS
Structure threat: Unk
Resources: SRA ground response, S2’s and LAT’s on the fire.
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Requesting two additional dozers and engines from Sierra NF to Hwy 49/Worman.


They’ve requested night air attack n40y which is currently over the Charlie fire.

Night AA

AA51 going for fuel. but sounds like they are working with LAC copter 14 and copter 531 this is on Charlie Fire. Do not know tail number. FYI , 51 will be working with two more night flying ships which are on order for Charlie Fire


Wrong fire


was responding to BrushSlasher comment on request for night air attack. Understand the misleading by referencing Charlie Fire and AA51 and Charlie Fire situation. probably too much info. Sorry


Copy missed that my bad.


250 acre 10% contained.


Still showing a good heat signature.


Header is already trying to build. No inversion this morning.


Its making a big run.


AA15 is Oak AT and T78 and T82 are loading out of Castle. Have been building line in Div.X since 10am out along a dozer line. Helicopter 551 on fire.


Air channels 169.200 and victor 123.75. T83 on scene and dropping on a load and hold. AA15 feeling better about holding now?


Tankers 82 & 83 released back to Columbia, others on load and hold.


390 ac / 30% contained now


Had 5 tankers (S2’s) this morning now down to two on hold. Only 3 rotor wings working 793, 732 and 551. Had a 4th but don’t know if still committed.

Right flank div.x and div.m are most concern. Hose lay was being completed this morning up right flank.


The fire looks real good right now.


As in moving?


Nobody says the fire looks good as in it’s moving out and spreading. Must mean it’s not.


They beat it up good from the air and on the ground. Now the smoke showing is minimal.