State ID:CA
3 letter designator:MMU
Fire name:Point
Location:14100 Dinosaur Point Rd. x of hwy. 152
Reported acres:20
Rate of spread: rapid
Report on Conditions: 20 in light grass
Structure threat:
Resources: Wildland assignment + 10 type 3 engines and 2 additional dozers
Weather: wind driven out of the west, speed not given
Radio channels: CDF Cmd2
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


I have heard both “pass ic” and “point ic”.


C406, engines and dozer from BEU enroute.

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Los Banos raws station:
15mph average and gusts to 38mph
air temp is 69 fuel temp 82
humidity 49%

Acreage up to 40 per AA

Its called the “pass” incident.


4 tankers assigned.

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Fire is 1,000 acres


Aircraft are still actively flying this incident.

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1900 acers and 25% containment.

Command has had very light traffic.

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Los Banos raws station:
15mph average and gusts to 36mph
air temp is 70 fuel temp 78
humidity 46%

or this link:
click “daily summary” then “submit” for this days record.

for all raws stations California:


The smoke has made it to Tulare county.


Id say.

Is it out yet?

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Good chance that is from a fire Kings County is working on the I-5 corridor. Several hundred acres with a hard west wind on it.

Update: KCF incident is now contained at 2040 Acres.


it is very smoky in Fresno so it is making its way down