CA-MMU-School (Contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: MMU
Fire name: School
Location: North Fork, Road 274 and Rec center school
Reported acres: 15
Rate of spread: Moderate
Report on Conditions: Isolated torching, AA is ordering 2 additional tankers based on the IC’s report on conditions. The unit also has a commercial structure fire that is pulling resources.
Structure threat: yes
Radio channels:
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Webcam link:
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For those that have been on fires in the area, this fire is just west of the “sawmill” that is used for helibase and ICP.

IC is ordering 5 closest engines.


Trying to hold fire between Rd 225, 274 and 230. Hoping to use a dozer to cut off the 4th edge between Rd 274 and 230


The fire is showing up on infrared satellite. Must have some decent heat going.


From Twitter:



If they keep it in the described box it will be 50 or less acres.


IC stating 25 acres currently


Forward progress stopped


Lots of fairly fresh dozer line and burn scars in that area.


12 acres 50% contained.


80% contained.