MNF is chasing a smoke in the Log Springs Ridge area. WIldCAD has updated name of Poison (Glade), it’s a couple spur ridges east of that.

Updated legals are T23N 8W S32-33. Puts it here. Lat Lon here on Google Maps.

AlertCam’s are sweeping the area (Round, Cohasset), GOES IR shows nothing yet, but obscured by cloud at the moment. Something’s trying to show through the clouds.

839am: per AA110, 1 acre heavy north wind driven,top of the ridge pushing down. Ordering up full aircraft.

848am: PT37 at scene, ground fire in/near a masticated area. Timber Ridge - which matches the legal above… Also might be private property for Crane Mills.

Scancal has the live scanner MNF and aircraft

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920am: 3-4 acres wind driven, crossed a road they were hoping to hold it on.

Two S2 and a type1 getting drops in now, Copter 101 on scene. ( 935am The type1 just got released back to Redding, good news)


11am: sounds like a good stop. The S2’s were released back to base. AA110 transitioned out with AA06 and he’ll stay up there until IC is comfortable. C101 couldn’t insert the crew with the winds so released earlier back to base.

Pardon the semi out-of-kosher posting/replies for this one, plenty of potential and it sort of organically grew while they chased the smoke. If anything changes I’ll edit this 3rd post.


Thanks for posting, @norcalscan. With conditions the way they are today, things can go sideways in a hurry.