Veg Fire reported near Hawk Hill and Wolfback ridge in Sausalito. Full local and county response, E1564 on scene with 2 acres Slow ROS, surrounded by roads, should keep under 5 acres, requesting permission to use the dozer, B1 requesting SO for a suspect on foot who was seen lighting the fire and intoxicated

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B1 assuming Hawk IC, revised 4-5 Acres, would like to use dozer, and requesting an additional WT for a total of 3

B1514 reports will not likely use the dozer unless it’s a threat to SRA or structures

Very foggy in the area but small glow can be seen here ALERTWildfire | North Bay

3 Additional Engines Dispatched

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B1514 in unified command with B1, potential for 15 Acres NO EVACUATION warnings or orders, will update in 15 mins

Edit @2121 - Sounds like some resources being released


FROS Stopped, 2 engines to remain on scene overnight


Final acreage 1.25.