CA Sherilton
3 letter designator: MVU
Fire name: Sherilton
Location: 24138 Sherilton Valley Rd
Reported acres: 1-2
Rate of spread: moderate
Report on Conditions: well involved structure into the vegetation, potential for 100 to 200 acres per IC
Structure threat: immediate structure threat
Resources: Full State and Cleveland USFS, resources from Viejas along with county copter 10
Weather: Dusty West winds turning into Santa Ana conditions overnight
Radio channels: Branch 1 RCS 11H 11I Branch 2 Forest Net
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Smoke visible on the Los pinos camera.


IC stated that they are making good progress on the fire and that it’s holding at 2 acres. Resources on scene should be sufficient


The vegetation part of this incident is CNF


And… It sounds like this one isn’t going anywhere. One firefighter transported to the hospital for eval, possibly heat related? Not sure.