CA-NEU Any idea about this fire?


Just coming down from Reno on I-80 and saw this fire off to the south of Yuba Gap. Anyone have any incident information on it. Checked the cameras and it appears that the Bald Mountain Eldorado ( camera is viewing it.

Checked Inciweb and Cal-Fire and no reports. I know there was a fire in about that area in the last two months. The plume looked a lot larger around noon as we were traveling by.


I know the American River District has been doing some Rx burns in that area lately… Could possibly be seeing that


There was report of escaped campfire on Monumental Ridge (north side of American River canyon).

Just happened to break while ARRD is also conducting Rx burn along North Divide (along Foresthill Rd near Humnbug Rd).


Thanks for the info, and apologize for the late reply.


North Divide Fuelbreak Rx putting up a good column this afternoon