West of Camptonville, CA (Yuba Co) - 1st unit reporting 5-10 acres w/ moderate ROS burning up hill, this was reported as an escaped debris burn. 13026 Baker Rd. This is the Baker Fire.

See Siller Bros Tower Cam…

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I’ve been watching some timber torch off on that cam. TGU Copter 205 enroute, I believe they responded on a TNF order…

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Copter 205 is having a busy Winter. It is March right?


TCU Copter 404 enroute from Columbia as well.


At this rate, 205 will have 1,000 hours of flight time before the other ships are even on line. :smile:

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20 acres with a 3-4 acre spot fire

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205 has been to the TNF DPA twice within the past fews weeks helping out. Heard the new ship should be online soon. Gotta love the old belly hooks they’ve been on point!