CA-North Ops Lightning August 2022??

Seems like very active cells over KNF and parts of SRF and SHF.


So far it’s been quite wet. At least in Yreka.


Some flash flooding in around the Mckinney…


Zero moisture in china/yeti complex.


This was at around 8:30pm:


Keep the rain coming! Cancel the lighting…


Posted today at about noon

Shasta Trinity National Forest Fire Updates:

Multiple lightning-caused fires were identified by aviation detection units on August 3rd as thunderstorms moved into the area. These fires are relatively small, and have been actively engaged by air and ground firefighting resources. As of this morning the current status is:

• The Pilgrim fire is contained at 0.1 acres, detected on August 5th in Pilgrim Creek. It involved a single tree that was struck by lightning. Engine modules, a helicopter, and other firefighting personnel responded.
• The Mountain fire is contained at 0.2 acres, detected in the community of O’Brien.
• The Little Fire is contained at 0.1 acres, located southeast of Castle Lake.
• The Gumboot Fire is contained at 0.1 acres, it was reported in Mumbo Creek.
• The Tule Fire is controlled at 0.1 acres, it is located within the Monument fire footprint from 2021.
• The Blue Fire is controlled at 0.1 acres, located north of the Tangle Blue Trailhead.
• The South Fire is controlled at under one acre, the fire is located south-east of McFarland Ridge.
• The China Fire has been declared Out at under one acre, it was located east of Hayfork.
• The Peak fire has been declared Out at 0.1 acres, located near Chanchelulla Peak.

Yesterday afternoon fire personnel responded to several lightning fires on the Six Rivers National Forest, located immediately west of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, in Humboldt and Trinity Counties. An update on those fires can be found here: Six... - U.S. Forest Service - Six Rivers National Forest | Facebook