Not sure this is the best spot for this notice but wanted it to be seen by all.
A GoFundMe was set up for the injured firefighters by OCFA 3631,
its been a long tough season on all of us… Here is a chance to help out some who gave more then their fair share.


Is there an IAP yet?

The NIFC FTP server has the maps for today found here: Silverado. There are no IAP’s posted nor is there a QR code tag.


Copy thank you

Anyone get the map yet or qr code?!CALFIRE/2020_Incidents/CA-ORC-0121364_Silverado/IAP/20201028/!CALFIRE/2020_Incidents/CA-ORC-0121364_Silverado/IR/NIROPS/20201028/!CALFIRE/2020_Incidents/CA-ORC-0121364_Silverado/GIS/Products/20201028/


For Silverado and blueridge… this is crazy. They are basically out. Base camp over flowing


maybe their doing what we did in the old days, have a Santa ana stagging. We use to do it at Devore. Ca. I see another wind event set up just off the coast to the north. So we’ll see what 48 hrs show.


Going to penalty box
How about we let those on the fire run it as they are trained to do and let the process work as it has done for many years.

Now how about back on topic…



Ok bc. But looking at it from a money aspect makes you wonder. 32yrs and i still scratch my head how we order so much and dont turn stuff away. Its 2020… technology is available lol. Anyway, back to the grind


But, 1 ounce of prevention is worth all the money it saves in destruction and the aftermath. If paying extra for some resources to “stage” at a going fire, even if it’s not going anywhere, is much cheaper to be a quick reactionary force prepositioned than having a fire go extended and major fire because no equipment is available. I worked in the day when prepositioning and staging resources for an expected event was non-existant. Unless you had a going fire equipment didn’t move. So, today we are moving and staging, or pre-positioning equipment, to hit new starts hard. With technology today we are better at predicting and moving equipment based on predicted events and areas. In my opinion, today’s forces are better prepared and have a definite advantage.


From a Money Perspective it is about 1/3-1/2 cheaper to hire ANY 9,000 series Charlie strike team then most LG Charlies, let alone ANY alpha. Time to demob the Alphas, save money and put to work the Charlies.