Looks like something cooking just south of Lake Davis, above Portola.
PNF Wildcad has it as Grizzly fire.

Someone kicked the aircraft hornets nest and T160 and T131 launched from RDD and MCC, as well as Grass Valley’s S2’s and C514.

Edit: Lat/Lon on wildcad seems off. Road description is more accurate, roughly Grizzly Rd and Old Grizzly Rd, south of there and north of Cedar Ravine Rd. Google Map estimate
T89 to Chester, T88 to Reno/Stead


Acrage? And what platform is Tanker 160?


From CAD, Old Grizzly Rd. X Burnham

39 51.432, -120 26.922

Looks like 6 engines, 2 dozers and overhead.

Start time 13:24


Back on the grid as of 1715 and everyone looks like they went home. T160 is one of the BAE RJ85 jets.

Per the PNF Facebook page…
3:15 pm -Update: Good news! Air tankers have been released; forward rate of spread stopped. Hoselay around 2/3’s of fire ( approximately 4 acres). Firefighters are getting it taken care of with help from an occasional helicopter drop. Good job all! This is the last update unless something changes.

2:45pm Update: Low to moderate rate of spread; airtanker drops are doing well according to the Incident Commander (IC). Structure protection is being placed in the neighborhood as a precaution. According to the Plumas County PIO, there are no evacuations currently.


Avro RJ85.