3 fires. 15 additional engines. Additional. Tankers on order. Didn’t catch how many


Don’t know if it’s related, C-130 just launched out of SBD towards Beaumont? where’s the fire?


Beaumont Ave and Oak Glen Rd. Column building on the far right of this Cam.


Sounds like Oak glen 3 separate fires

Branch 1 fire 15 acres. Impacting structures


C-130 overhead per ADSB Exchange


Both AT’s off Ramona enroute

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Snow Peak View:

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Lots of fire history in the area
Sounds like it is on the east side of OG road on the lower end of cherry valley.


Know that area very well
Based on the column it is burning down canyon and to the east. Lots of narrow roads and bad WUI problems in upper cherry valley. Lots of country to run in to the east


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I could help with evac but don’t know how to volunteer

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what kind of assistance are you looking to provide? humanitorium or profit?


I have F 250 no animal trailer but I can help anyway possible. Not for profit. I also run equipment daily if a farm tractor is available I can help. The contract dozer is out of Lucerne

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no offence intended about profit word…my bad. IC has their hands full i am sure. if close maybe you can contact someone near IC??? again best to you. hang in there. i am sure you will find your fit. appreciate any others recs.


150 acres with potential for 1,500 per AA.


IC advises 300-350 acres. Upper 2 fires have combined and lower one in Branch 1 is still separate. This will be a “Major” fire. Requesting 2nd VLAT and 5 more DIVS.

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If you don’t have safety gear, a radio to stay in communication with other resources assigned to the fire and and at least some basic organizational orientation, you might be more of a danger to yourself and an obstruction to the people who know how the system works. If you live in the area and would like to be available to help in the future, Cal Fire has a robust system of getting volunteer equipment operators trained up and through a thorough system of safety checks prior to putting their contact info on an “emergency need” list so we can call you to help in the future. We have a deep roster of emergency equipment available statewide. Contact the person in charge of “hired equipment” at whatever location you’d like to sign up for. it looks like the Riverside hired equipment program is run out of Bautista camp.


Fires here are always such messy burns. No fun.