CA-RVC/RRU-Sycamore Canyon??


Visible fire on the Box Springs cam; Probably 5-10 acres, looks to be near the 215 Freeway.


Riverside City has a fire in Sycamore Canyon per a FB post.

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It appears to be getting close to the structures near the head of the fire.


Quite a lot of ground to burn and lots of values at risk.

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The reported starting location was Central Ave and Sycamore Canyon. Now 4 plus alarms.

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Forward rate of spread just about stopped, size is around 60-70 acres.

EDIT: Size is now reported as 200 acres.

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Last update from Riverside City; Roughly 220 acres, 22 units, 10 City engines, 12 County engines, 1 helo. FROS has been stopped, units mopping up.