Anyone hear of a new start in the Lompoc area? Driving south on the 101 and there’s a large column in the Buellton/Lompoc area.


It’s a controlled burn that is no longer in control. Alisos Canyon. 20 plus acre spot/slop. Full response in route.

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CHP lists it as Los Alamos, but Feuerwehmann is probably more accurate.

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WildCAD lists the name of the fire as BARR and LPF is sending the helicopter in.


Whose controlled burn was this. County or Federal


It was a county vmp burn.


I believe all fed RX are still on a regional hold.


LPF just put out its Extreme Fire fire restrictions. No campfires even in developed campgrounds, and propane stoves ONLY in developed campgrounds. Cal Fire is planning a 6800 acre controlled burn Thursday and Friday in San Benito County on a private ranch in the Diablo Range.