CA-SBC-McMurray (Contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: SBC
Fire name: McMurray
Location: 101 north of Buelton
Reported acres: 5 acres
Rate of spread: Moderate to rapid
Report on Conditions: Multiple fires along the 101, one is 5+ acres. IC ordered a 2nd alarm and 4 tankers
Structure threat:
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

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I believe the Santa Ynez Cam is now pointed at this Fire.

Edit: This camera is now smoked out and not showing much as of 1600.


Fire is trying to get 101 shut down in both directions.


AA from Santa Maria, Tankers 74, 75 from Paso, Tanker 78 from Porterville, Unknown origin on the 4th tanker.
SBC copter and Helicopter 527
Requesting 2 additional rotorcraft
Direct threat to structures,
Potential for 700 acres.

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AA just ordered two additional tankers (total of 8), and two additional Type 2 copters (total of 4). Minimum potential of 700 acres. Immediate structure threat.

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These winds are forecasted to last for the next 3 or 4 hours. With that, it could easily reach the 154 and potentially cross in the area of Los Olivos. That’s a hard push, but plausible with these conditions. There are also quite a few ranches and homes scattered throughout its path.


Decent, dark column visible from Santa Maria.


AA ordered a lead plane, 2 large air tankers and a TFR


Two additional tankers requested (total of 10 now)

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Tanker 163 is the 4th tanker, from the original augmented dispatch.
I have only heard 6 be ordered so far, but wouldn’t doubt the order for 10.
All additional tankers will be coming from quite a way, or on a divert from the INF incident.


Live cams -


LPF H530 assigned.


Fire is pushing hard towards the Ballard Canyon Rd area, units looking to start evacuations in that area.

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Tanker 15, 80 off Porterville and 01 off Fresno

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Evacuations just ordered for a large triangle of land from the 101/154 down to Ballard Canyon.


Just ordered 2 type 3 ST, 4 crews, and 2 dozers


One strike team will be coming from Ventura County
BC22, E330, 342, 350, 356, 321

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125 acres,
Training AA transitioned with AA07.

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