Multiple fires between Buellton and Los Alamos. SBC B-513 has already requested 2nd alarm and a total of 4 air tankers.

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It is ~very~ windy out here.


Immediate need Type 3 strike team requested.


1st unit reports 3 fires, one is 5+ acres moderate-rapid ROS, requesting a 2nd alarm + a total of 4 tankers. US-101 just north of Buellton.


SLU just reformed 9340C and launched them

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SRA / LRA / FRA ???


What’s tfr ? I’m so new to this

CA-SBC-McMurray (Contained)

Temporary flight restriction.
Keeps civilian aircraft out of the airspace without permission.


Sounds like SRA

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Any idea what crews? Out of where?

CA-SBC-McMurray (Contained)

Confused about incident status because it sounds like there are multiple start locations in SB County. Sounds like Las Cruces (101 @ 1) is contained @ 5 acres. Unknown about Ballard Canyon location last at 125 acres. Rumor of start at 5200 Dominion Rd north of Ballard Canyon. All fires reported within 20 miles of each other on north south highway travel.
Update: Fire at 5200 Dominion Cancelled response. Still odd for the area response. Anyone have an origin and cause for those two fires?