State ID: CA
3 letter designator: SCU
Fire name: Hollow
Location: 37.663842%20-121.682156 (Tesla Rd) Cr7827 / Cross Rd CHP Staging, FIRE IS AT 18600 CORROL HOLLOW
Reported acres: 30-40
Rate of spread: MROS
Report on Conditions: AA501 overhead reports 30-40 acres in light-medium fuels, moderate ROS w/ structures threatened, potential for 500-1000 acres. Alameda Co starting addl resources, talking about a potential 3rd/4th alarm.
Structure threat: Yes
Radio channels:
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IC requesting 2 additional tankers any type, for a total of 4 - AA not yet overhead.

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A501 & AC90 over fire. 2 S2’s dropped already. Load and return


#HollowFire (San Joaquin Co) - AA reports 80-100 acres, 30% contained, still have active fire running towards the ridge - structure threat has been mitigated. CAL FIRE ordered 4 addl handcrews + 2 dozers.

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State ID:CA
3 letter designator:SCU
Fire name: Corral Hollow
Location: 18600 Corral Hollow
Reported acres: 35-50
Rate of spread: MROS
Report on Conditions: Potential of 500-1000 per AA. Evacuating Carnegie Park motorcycle area
Structure threat: One immedite
Resources: Alameda County Fire 2nd alarm, Cal Fire High dispatch I see requested two more hand Crews, 2 more dozers. AA requesting 2 addition tankers any type
Radio channels: SCU-L, CDF T2, ALCO Tac 4
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


ALCO upgraded it to 4th alarm


AA 80-100 Acres


AA requesting two additional closest available air tankers for total of 6. Current acreage 250+ acres.


From Modesto looking west, lots of drift smoke but no column visible


AA requesting 2 additional tankers. Closest any type for a total of 6. 250 acres


KTVU live:


Fire is now 350+ acres and 20% contained. Terrain is causing Firefighters some difficulties


Fire is now 425 acres & 30% contained. T79 T80 T82 T85 T86 + T134 assigned to the fire.


The fire is now 100% contained at 283 acres. Firefighters will be patrolling the fire for the next few days.