CA-SHU Early August Lightning


Deer inc.
HWY 3 X Deerlick Springs
1/2 Acre Ridge- top in brush

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TGU entire west side is getting action tonight. Unknown precip. This includes the northern MNF and southern SHF on the valley side. Quite the light show. If TGU goes into LCA it’ll move to Command 7 from TGU local Net.

Edit: heavy precip and hail in numerous spots on TGU West. Sky is lit by lightning every 2-3 seconds with constant thunder at 2337.


Lots of moisture with this cell, just don’t know how long of duration for it.

CA/OR-SKU/ODF-August Lightning??

Midnight 25, cell made it through TGU and skimmed Red Bluff with little moisture. A few starts for us. Moved on into SHU in the valley, strong and little precip. Still quite the light show averaging once every 5 seconds.

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NIFC 24hr Lightning map


Active cell on the east side of the unit now looks to between Montgomery creek and Burney


Here is a great example of the Alertwildfire cameras.

2 visible columns in the Southfork cam