State ID: CA
3 letter designator: SHU
Fire name: Gore
Location: Texas springs road to the powering.
Reported acres: unk
Rate of spread: unk
Report on Conditions:a VMP Rx burn, now ordering additional resources and full aircraft for a slop over.
Structure threat: unknown
Resources: SHU
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:ALERTCalifornia - Falcons View
Agency Website:


AA ordering an additional S-2 tanker


Taking a bit of relief in the fact that the winds arent screaming and its only 103+ with RH around 13% right now. No doubt troop’s are working their tails off and to that i say, THANK YOU ALL!


20 acres boxed in with retaurdant, slop still inside RX boundaries


**Hard to believe anyone doing a VMP/Rx based upon this mornings Wx forecast **


Not gonna lie - i did a double take when i got this message yesterday. Did another double take when i noticed the “pump” coming from the column today. Made me wonder if the burn will continue as advertised tomorrow or perhaps the Rx window has closed… hard?

“Gore Ranch Vegetation Management Prescribed Burn
Do not be alarmed by smoke in the air, no need to report. CAL FIRE is conducting a prescribed burn, beginning today June eleventh through June thirteenth, at Gore Ranch - West of Westwood Village, West of Highway 2 7 3 in Redding.”


We were planning to burn with Chico FD at the Chico Airport today and actually got shut down because there wasn’t enough wind - very still air today, and AQ folks were concerned about us smoking out the City.
In the 1980s and early 90s, TGU used to do a lot of their biggest VMP brush burns in the Eastside Foothills on the hottest days of summer, because conditions were so stable under high pressure then.


With 100 years of fire debt… And scenarios fuels and environment only worsening, limits have to be pushed. Or perceived limits. As in, there’s just a weather forecast depict fire effects on the fuels and the prescription or just public and individuals perception of what’s right and wrong?

Since 1910 it’s been a downhill slide with the appropriate fuel loading nationwide. Since the banning of broadcast burning in that year things have worsened. Global warming has been fun to blame, urban sprawl has been fun to blame, but the truth is without landscape burning there is no solution. So we can sit by the wayside and pick apart those who dare to reintroduce fire in the environment, or just watch the environment turn to ashes.

And as stated there is the training opportunity!


I agree!
As long as the fire season is slow and folks are sitting, S2s and heavy helos are just another tool in the toolbox!


Just like when they did the Crawford vmp in Tulare County. Knock out the slop overs and back to burn in the evening.


Another thing we have in common with the 80’s & 90’s it was beyond hard to replicate live fire training then and now! Since y’all brought it up AND because i’m an idiot - cant stop myself from wondering how many of the 80’s & 90’s actual burn days would today be shut down due to bad air or other no/go issue(s) Also, i would offer that the current “downhill slide” is part of the cycle; space/fire/ice/water that is our planet & climate. Its not fair (my opinion) to blame the term “climate change” and its not fair to slam fire suppression like we have done. The proverbial “It” did not begin because of mammals and it wont end because of us or our actions. I gotta stop there or i will get spooled up bcuz i really like this stuff. P.s. i’m a has been fire dude/local/concerned citizen, who lives near todays VMP. I do question everything every-time and that began well before today. I expect it to ruffle feathers and i get it. Its not easy to listen to armchair idiots chiming in all the time, just know that its not out of spite or un-nicery! I know how hard our/your troops get after their job’s and i appreciate all of you! And lets be really real - i’m thankful to not be the one making hot acres in the middle our second consecutive heat wave w/ an approaching wind event! #Truth! \m/


I guess I do not understand why during support for fuel reduction the changing climate and the science behind it needs to be challenged? I do not think you can make any argument for the impacts of the fires we have been having and not loop in urban sprawl and urban planning decisions and the effects of environment change( climate+invasive plants+ urban fuel model). If it is only a fuel problem… then why no large and damaging fires last year and 2019? What was the tipping point in terms of fuel loading which brought us to where we are today? I have yet to see someone define that number? Paleo climate science is based on data points derived from core soil samples and carbon dating.
Suggesting that fuel reduction is only way out of all of this is a dramatic over simplification of a complex process and issue. Urban planning and building construction methods also play a part. Our communities are not “fire adapted”.