CA-SLU-Suey Creek?

New incident. Confirmed fire, 2 to 3 acres in grass and brush, potential for 50. 11000 block of Suey Creek Road.


Plowshare Cam has it

Radio: Command San Luis Obispo County Fire

Anyone that knows this area knows there is decent potential. It just isn’t totally cured and dry yet to truly produce what it’s really capable of. If it continues rolling over the hills to the east, it can push in to the LPF, threaten ranch homes and old homesteads, and get in to some less than friendly country in the northern portion of Twitchel Reservoir and the Alamo Creek area. It could spread on to the Porter Ranch and in to Huasna also.


Not only that but no cell service and a dangerous highway don’t make things any easier. The curves in that area do not give you much sight for making sure traffic sees you. If it’s in the area I think it is, dozers won’t be able to help much.

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Suey was the name and contained at around 17 acres.