CA-SNF- Bullfrog

Bullfrog lake
500 acres, timber and brush, 0% contained
Moderate rate of spread
Burning in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness

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Is this the “spot” that came off the Creek?

From APX8000 post 8 hours ago:
AA15 over the “Bullfrog” fire by Courtright reservoir requesting copters and maybe fixed wing to get in and restore some containment. It’s spotted to the north end outside retardant and the fires getting active. Copters assigned to Creek heliports are smoked in and can’t assist. This will need air support resources from outside the Creek fire.

There are no ground resources assigned to this. Div.A is driving out to look for access for ground crews.

Bullfrog is a spot that spread outside the Creek fire 10 miles from the head days ago.

Rest of the fire remains to smoky to get helco up, yet.

2 Type1 , 2 type 3 and 1 VLAT pending fills for the bull frog.


South Ops. is posting it separate from the creek fire for some reason.

Per contacts on the creek, it is a separate incident and the forest is handling that fire.

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That makes you wonder how that fire started if it wasn’t a spot from the creek fire.


It was a spot fire during the blowup.

Wonder why there running it separate from the creek.

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Yeah, me too. I just saw information posted that this was the case. As I usually say, “I dunno, I just work here.”


Now at 1,200 acres.


The spot that was on peckinpah mountain was Also given a separate name on the first day because of distance and managed as a separate incident until it merged with the main fire.


Separate start not part of the creek fire[quote=“FIREWATER, post:13, topic:14727, full:true”]