CA-SNF-Jose Basin RX?

Just some pics of the large pile burn near alder springs, 145 acres. Thank you Little tujunga hotshots.


Some after dark shots, i didn’t notice they were burning further west too.


They continued burning today, saw piles glowing off in the distance down musick farm road @10 pm.

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Pics of tinued burning in Jose basin today with some shots of coastal helicopters doing equipment back haul to the PGE yard, not sure if it was related to the pile burning operation.


More site prep for planting, they burned yesterday and today. This is looking from what was once the Alder springs store.


Lots of work to do in that area. Have any new trees sprouted ?


No conifer sprouts that I’ve noticed, there may be some in the 3 remaining green patches. The thing I noticed last year when i took a couple of tree samples is they were 30 - 45 years old and only 8 inches in diameter and 10-14 tall, that goes as far as I could see. These were cedar and ponderosa pine. Meanwhile our property has 20 ft tall pondos and cedars that are 13 years old that sprouted on there own along with a lone fir which coincidentally I found the day the creek fire started.

Oaks started coming back immediately from stumps and manzanita followed. Interestingly we had a bumper crop of laurels come up last year from Cressmans to alder springs but the county came through and mowed them to dirt.


It’s disappointing when new growth is cleared away, especially after something like the SNF Creek fire and especially through that stretch where it was fried to a crisp. :cry:


This was done when they had tree crews removing the remaining large trees that were burn 300ft from the road.


Those weren’t laurels, it’s actually deerbrush ceanothus and it’s everywhere in alder springs to pine ridge elementary. Before the fire it didn’t seem very prevalent in the area, must have been a good seed bank in the soil there. They look pretty right now.